Welcome to the United State: Now What?


National Socialism is alive and well in the United State of America, and the individual States need to decide for where to go from here. What you choose to do will help determine the direction of your State.

The evidence is overwhelming: The limited Federal Government created by the framers of the Constitution of the United States, is finished, and what we have is an unlimited National Government.

Why continue the charade? The founding principles of federalism – where the States would hold the expansive power, republicanism – where we would be represented by those we elect, and limited government – where our liberty would be protected, no longer exist. And we all know in our bone marrow that a simple majority of politicians in Washington D.C. will never –NEVER– make the decisions necessary to stop this decline.

In other words, they will never follow the Constitution, restore liberty, balance the budget, cut spending, pay off the debt, stop the empire building, or limit themselves, in order to restore State sovereignty and independence. This begs the question: Why continue the charade?

Truth to power: Our path to failure has been set in stone for decades, and it makes absolutely no difference which party is in charge; the results have been essentially the same, and unless the States assert their authority over it, it is certain that we can expect the same results in the future:

*The now National Government will continue to grow because of evermore increases in debt and deficit, and the relentless overreaches of   power will continue unabated.

*The States will continue to turn a blind eye to the loss of sovereignty, while supporting the unconstitutional behavior of this National Government, in order to keep the flow of borrowed money coming.

*The People’s liberty will continue to be destroyed under the guise of fairness and security, and as good little nationalists we will continue reelecting the same overlords to run the national plantation, in hopes that will have mercy on us and point the government gun at someone else’s head, at least for a while.

And as much as we want to hold up our pocket Constitutions and quote Thomas Jefferson, this decline will continue completely unimpaired by the same Constitution that has not seriously limited the Federal Government in over a century. Yes, slavery is alive and well, and that parchment we hold so dear has been made irrelevant.

Some people want to place sole responsibility for this failure on the President, but the President is not the primary problem. The POTUS is elected by the people, and regardless of which party has held the Whitehouse, the government continues to grow unconstitutionally.  The only reason the office of President of the United Stated has become a modern day King is because we are all, including Congress and the SCOTUS, unwilling to adhere to the founding principles of federalism and limited government.

Some want to blame the Congress, and there is a good argument for it: Here is an elite group of individuals, generally unaffected by the laws they create; laws that basically steal from the same people they are supposed to represent. But like the POTUS, the members of Congress are also elected by the people, and regardless which party controls the majority, their behavior has also been consistent for well over a century.  How can we really blame congress when election after election only reinforces the fact that “We the People” don’t truly care that the people they reelect are generally the same people using the government to steal from them?  All that really matters is that the thief they keep in office is wearing their team’s jersey. Who gives a damn about States’ rights and liberty, right?

The responsibility for our decline into National Socialism from “Free and Independent States” falls squarely on the Supreme Court of the United States. These unelected, well-connected, lawyers consistently take power from the States that the federal constitution does not authorize, and continue to rule in areas of State law that are in no way “pursuant” to their limited federal authorities. They have been the most powerful weapon used to nationalize all power, and to strip the States of all sovereignty and independence.

In order to stop this decline, the State legislatures must snap-out of this National mindset. They must look at the Union as it was designed; a Republic.  They must demand that federalism, the principle that the States would maintain powers that as Madison said, “are numerous and indefinite”, be restored.

The States have Supreme Courts of their own. They must be made to understand that, outside those limited and enumerated authorities delegated to the federal by the States, they are the most influential legal authority in their respective States, not the SCOTUS.

The States legislatures have got to stop participating in the federal court system; the court system where States go to lose. Without serious pushback by the State legislatures, this decline into National Socialism will not stop, and if left unchecked will lead to some very bad places.

It is time for each State to revisit its relationship with the Union, and time for each individual to decide how much liberty they are willing to have taken. We the People are once again being led into servitude by an elite few in a town far, far, away, and this simply cannot continue.  This is not about pitting the States against one another; this is about bringing every State together against an out of control National Tyrant.

The time to stand for liberty and freedom is upon us, and the citizens of the each State will have to rely on themselves to get that message to their State legislators, loud and clear.

It is time to restore State sovereignty, and stand up to this no longer federal, but National, Tyrant.

In liberty,

Dwayne Stovall – Get Off My State  09/23/14

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